How to Draw Creeper Sub Zero


First, make a flat squares, the blue represents the front of Creeper Sub Zero.


Next, add squares to to back to make it look more 3D, the green represents this.


Put a cross in the middle of the face, add a lip shaped opening for Creeper Sub Zero's eyes, add a half-circle on top, add a spade shaped mouth, and add the detail shown on the picture, the red on the foot shows that it is 2 seperate feet.


Now add detai to the shapes you drew on creeper sub zero, such as 3 circles on the belt, pupils, etc.


This is the hardest part, but can be done easily, draw the orange lines on the picture on the face and on the body, then cross the red lines on the face, and make trapezoids off of the orange lines.


This is what it should look like, you can thicken or make the body thinner of creeper sub zero.


Make sure when you color it, the sun is on the right side, so the more left, the darker the color of black or blue is.


Since this is a Minecraft mob, make sure you add it to your game world with this backround ;)

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March 27, 2013

Description: What happens when you combine Minecraft's most infamous mob in put in the freezer for a year? you get Creeper Sub Zero! For those who don't know who Sub Zero is, he is in a game called Mortal Kombat and he uses ice as his aspect.

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