How to draw Fusion Suit Samus from Metroid Fusion

Artist: NoobSaibot8899 / March 29, 2013
How to draw Fusion Suit Samus from Metroid Fusion

Step 1.

First, draw this body figure, add ovals to Samus' helmet.

Step 2.

Add the detail in red shown above, such as the marks and detail on Samus' armor.

Step 3.

Just draw in the colored lines, add the more powerful detail like the one shown on the picture, such as the fingers, body, and helmet so Samus doesn't look bad or flat.

Step 4.

Add the spikes and inhaler on Samus, this was put on last because you can customize the look, position, etc.

Step 5.

This is her with no color if you needed a reference.

Step 6.

The light is coming to the right, the more right, the lighter, the more left, the darker.

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Artist: NoobSaibot8899
Date Added: March 29, 2013
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Description: Samus in her fusion suit, this suit made it's debut in Metorid Fusion, on the Game Boy advance, hope you like it :)