How to Draw Chibi Bleach

Artist: Dawn / May 22, 2010

Step 1.

Since you are drawing two chibi figures, I'm afraid you'll have to do double the work. Start with two head shapes and position them like so. Once that is done add the face guidelines, and then draw the frame lines for their bodies.

Step 2.

You will now start sketching out the faces, and then draw in the eye shapes like you see here. One that's complete you can thicken the eye lids like so, and then add the mouths.

Step 3.

Begin sketching out the bangs for Ichigo, and Orihime like you see here. Orihime has berets in her hair that you will see in the next step coming up. Once the hair is all set, you can draw out their eyebrows, and make sure that Ichigo's brows are in    

Step 4.

Now you can finish sketching out their hair styles, and don't forget to add the accessories to her hair. Draw in his ear, and add detailing to it like you see in step four.

Step 5.

It's a good idea that you take your time when drawing out these chibi Bleach characters. Here you will add the blush marks on her cheeks, and then start drawing the torso's or shirts. Draw the arms, and hands, and then draw out the sword that Ichigo    

Step 6.

Well guys, this is your last drawing step. All you need to do now is draw out the bottom of his clothing, and then draw Orihime's other arm and hand as well as her belt, skirt, and chibi legs. Add some pleated detailing to Ichigo's clothing, and then   

Step 7.

Now that you are done, your drawing should come out looking like the one you see here. Color these two stars in, and you have yourself a fun, finished tutorial that showed you guys how to draw chibi Bleach.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: May 22, 2010
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Description: Now that the chibi Death Note character is uploaded, I can now submit my second chibi lesson that will show you "how to draw chibi Bleach", step by step. Some of you may be asking yourself, “why are you labeling the lesson by the name of the series?” My only response to that is the fact there is a bunch of characters that make up each individual series of manga and anime. Instead of uploading the whole cast, I can simply start off by drawing one or two figures that you guys are familiar with, and call it by the manga title name. This lesson on "how to draw chibi Bleach", includes tutorials on two very popular faces, Ichigo, and Orihime. Did you know that the creator of these two famous faces of manga, and anime said that both Ichigo and Orihime have the hardest faces to draw? It's true. Because Tite Kubo wanted both characters to show how important they where, their appearances had to be faces that one can remember, and leave a lasting impression on ones mind. I actually have the chibi versions of Ichigo and Orihime as lessons that you can check out in the chibi section under the “Anime/Manga” category of the site. I can honestly say that Bleach is one of my ultimate favorite mangas around. The second would have to be Naruto, and then Death Note. There are others anime's that I enjoy, these titles are just the main three. When it all boils down to it, I think you will find that learning how to draw chibi Bleach, is going to be a butt load of fun. I mean lets face it, it's always exciting when you draw a new chibi face. I will be back with my last submission for the day so don't go anywhere guys, cause I'll be right back. Adios peeps!