How to Draw Chibi Patrick Star

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To draw a chibi Patrick Star you will need to draw an egg shape for his body and then draw the guidelines for his head and face as you see here. Next draw the short dashes for the legs.


Now using the facial guidelines you will draw two circle shapes for chibi Patrick's eyes. Next draw a big smile and or mouth.


Chibi Patrick has a body that is shaped like a Hershey's Kiss or a tear drop. That is the shape of the body you will draw here. Next draw the pant line and then the sea flowers on his pants. Draw his arm and then add some scribble eyebrows.


This is your last drawing step. Draw in his eyes and pupils as well as color the pupils in. Once that is done you can draw the shape of his tongue and then draw the bellybutton on his chubby stomach. Lastly draw his shorts and stubby legs. Erase all    


This is your finished version of your Nickelodeon character when you have finished learning "how to draw chibi Patrick Star step by step".

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October 29, 2009

Description: Chibi SpongeBob came out so cute didn't he? Now it is time to learn “how to draw chibi Patrick Star" step by step. Patrick is another one of my favorites because he is so dumb. I like how he lives a carefree lifestyle, not knowing or caring about anything. Come to think of it, all Patrick likes and cares about is Goofy Goobers, ice cream, and SpongeBob. I think this chibi version of Patrick will be liked and even loved by many. He came out looking so good and I think that he will be incredibly easy to mimic through art. It almost looks like Patrick is five years old or something which is even sweeter. I like the way chibi Patrick came out more than I like the way chibi SpongeBob came out because Patrick looks more like a little baby. All in all though, I know that both the chibi versions of these Nickelodeon characters will probably be really popular and added as a favorite. As some of you may know, I drew the chibi SpongeBob live yesterday with some of you. I know that a lot of my DragoArt buddies didn't join me yesterday because I started drawing live too late in the day. I apologize for that. Anyway, let me let you guys go so you can start drawing this awesome character on “how to draw chibi Patrick Star” step by step. I shall return with plenty more drawing lessons for you all as the day progresses. Peace out people and happy drawing!

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