How to Draw Chibi Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead

Artist: PuzzlePieces / November 9, 2012

Step 1.

First off, like all with all tutorials, we're going to start off with a base. We're going to draw a bisected oval ontop of an elongated pentagon, making up the head and the torso. Off from the torso we're going to map out the limbs, drawing lines for   

Step 2.

From there we'll define the shape of the face and draw the ear and his hair.

Step 3.

Next we'll draw in his eyes and his eyebrows, giving him a sort of calculating serious look.

Step 4.

Then we'll draw his mouth and his facial hair.

Step 5.

Now we'll start connecting his head to the rest of his body. Bringing his neck down and connecting it to his torso and drawing in his shirt.

Step 6.

Now, one can't exactly survive a zombie attack without we'll draw those in next. We're going to draw him holding up his crossbow in a slightly relaxed pose so we'll draw his arm up.

Step 7.

Then legs, he'll need those for running. We'll draw him in a pair of jeans and a pair of work boots, pants coming down over them.

Step 8.

Now we'll draw in his crossbow and give him a hunting knife on his hip so he can also defend himself in close quarters.

Step 9.

and there you have it. Daryl Dixon.

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Description: From what I understand, The Walking Dead is a pretty good show and is actually quite popular. I've heard a lot of good things about it, though I have yet to be able to actually sit down and watch it. That isn't going to stop me from finishing a request though and here it is. As requested, here is chibi Daryl Dixon. So hang around and take a look, and don't sue me if it isn't perfect.