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How to Draw Carnations

Artist: Dawn / May 21, 2011
How to Draw Carnations

Step 1.

The first step to drawing carnations is to make two horned shapes for the base of the flowers. Next draw some stem lines.

Step 2.

Sketch out the pods that the actual flower sits and grows in, and be sure to also draw out the hanging flaps and base pod leaves like so.

Step 3.

Instead of jumping right in to getting the carnation's flowers drawn in, I wanted to take care of the stems and stem leaves first. Do this by drawing out the thick stems and then sketch out the two leaves.

Step 4.

The pedals to a carnation are very dense but in this picture they appear to be loose, and separated. I want you guys to draw out some pedals that will form a ring like pattern around the flowers. The edges to each pedal should be drawn with serrated    

Step 5.

Continue to fill in the pod with some ruffled looking pedals like so, and be sure to draw your carnations very neatly so one can tell what type of flower species you have just drawn. Clean up the drawing by erasing the lines and shapes you make in st   

Step 6.

Here is what your two flowers should come out looking like when you are all done. Now you can pick a shade to color in your new carnations with. Thanks guys for joining me with this awesome lesson on how to draw carnations.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: May 21, 2011
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Description: It was a very hot day yesterday, and because of the nice weather I wanted to make a few lessons on things that are related to summer. To start things off, lets learn "how to draw carnations", step by step. If you are one of those members that keep track of all the flower tutorials I do, you should already know that I submitted a lesson on just a carnation before. Carnations are very fragrant flowers that are not only very beautiful; they are also very colorful too. There is a color for every holiday that passes like red or pink carnations for Valentine’s Day, or green colored blooms for St. Patrick’s Day, and even white and yellow carnations for Easter. Drawing flowers is a great activity to do when you’re board because that is when you are at your most creative. Being creative means you will think up a bunch of ways to draw something and for a flower, I’m sure coloring it in will be the best part. Have fun drawing carnations everyone, and be sure to stick around Dragoart to see what else I have for ya’ll.