How to Draw Cake, Adventure Time

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Start with an oval shape for Cake's body and then add one guideline like you see here.


The next step is to draw out the structure of Cake's head, and be sure to include the outline of the eye. When that is done draw in the chest and belly as well as the pointy ears.


It's now time to give this cat a face. Draw two big eyes, and color in two large pupils like so. When that is done make a circle for the cat's snout and then add the dividing lines for the nose and mouth. Don't forget to color in the nose tip.


Complete the body by drawing out the back, back end, and hind leg. Once you have finished that you need to draw out the front skinny legs.


Finally, draw Cake's long puffy tail and be sure to make three points too. Erase any visible lines and shapes to clean up your drawing.


Here you have it, a nice drawing of Jake as Cake. I hope you had fun with this tutorial on how to draw Cake.

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May 1, 2011

Description: I guess some of you are familiar with the gender switch versions of Finn and Jake, and then again some of you are not. Today I am going teach you guys "how to draw Cake", step by step. If you remember in my description with Fionna, I said that Cake is the gender switched version of Jake. Instead of a dog she is a cat with a long fluffy tail. Fionna and cake are the sane as Finn and Jake. They both like to adventure, they both have an enemy, and they love being heroes. Cake is going to be fairly easy to draw because unlike Jake she is mainly a ball of hair. She still has the large eyes like Jake, and even some of his coloring. Instead of being all brown, Cake is brown and white. I think this is a side of Jake that is not only pretty, but very surprising. If you are a big fan of Adventure Time, you will have a blast learning how to draw Cake too. I will be back later guys with some more drawing fun so try and stay tuned in. Adios mi amigos!

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