How to Draw BoB, Bobby Ray


You will start the first step by drawing the shape of a nut then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Next, right in the middle of the face, use the guides to draw out the shape of Bobby's nose.


In this lesson I chose to use a reference picture where he is wearing a pair of glasses. Draw out the big framed glasses like so, then add the top lining for his eyes.


Next, draw out the shape of Bobby's head and facial structure like so. Notice how the jaw line is chiseled. Draw in the ear, then color in a beard that only covers his chin. Add some minor detailing on the glasses too.


Finish drawing out the shapes of his eyes, then add some shading around the tops of each eye. There is shading because of the light source that is shining on his face. Next, draw out the lips and or mouth like so, as well as his teeth. Add the hair l   


Almost done folks. Here you will draw in the hat that he is wearing. It looks like a ball cap but I think it's probably a barmah hat. Color in under the lid like you see here, then draw in the seam or trim lining at the top. Don't forget to define th   


Lastly, sketch out the shape of his neck, then draw in the shoulders. You will sketch in the jacket collar like so, then add some texture detailing to the collar. Add a button, and the tee short collar that he is wearing under the jacket. Erase all    


When you are done your drawing should look like the one you see here or close to it. Thanks for joining me with another lesson guys!

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August 5, 2012

Description: Remember when I said that I had two famous faces to upload lessons on? Well Michael Phelps was one of them, and here is the other. Today I will finally show you guys "how to draw B.O.B", step by step. This recording artist is known for his music that is played on the radio like Airplanes, Magic, Nothin' on You, and right now he pairs up with Taylor Swift with the song 'Both of Us'. Because of his newest hit I wanted to make a tutorial on B.O.B because he has maintained to keep a steady flow of hits that make it to the top ten charts. His real name is Bobby Ray Simmons Jr., and he was born on November 15, 1988 in a town called Winston-Salem, North Carolina. As of today he is only twenty three years old. When he was young it was pretty clear that Bobby Ray wanted more out of life. Even though his parents wanted him to stay in school by attending collage after graduation, he let them know when he was in sixth grade that he wanted to pursue a music career. Bobby's father was not thrilled with the decision, but he knew that his son was going to do it anyway. So instead of fighting what Bobby chose to do with is life, they helped him embrace it. Both his mother and father helped their son by buying him musical instruments like a keyboard, and other material to help make beats. His hard work paid off when at the age of fifteen he sold his first beat to Citti for the song 'I'm the Cookie Man'. When he was paid, like any young teenage kid, he spent his money on things like necklaces and other stupid stuff. He thought he was rich so he had to 'ball' and show off his accomplishments. With persistent determination B.O.B was well on his way to being a big time star. We all know who he is and he has made songs featuring Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Hayley Williams, and others. I think you will enjoy drawing B.O.B especially if you're a fan of his music. Enjoy folks and remember to leave comments, ratings, and even fav if you love it!

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