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How to draw BMOS controller

Artist: Beemo / February 2, 2013
How to draw BMOS controller

Step 1.

First lets draw the platform where the button and the controller will be!

Step 2.

Lets draw the bottom of the platform!

Step 3.

Ok! This is the part where the /\ shape and the ~ meets! It will be the controller

Step 4.

Lets draw the button and the ball over the /\ it will look like a real controller!

Step 5.

Ok the wire to BMO or me is the easy as pie part! Ok it will be done soon!

Step 6.

Ok now color it and enjoy!

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Artist: Beemo
Date Added: February 2, 2013
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Tags: how to draw adventure time
Description: Hi! So you know how Finn and Jake play video games on me? So I thought - why shouldn't I show you how to draw a controller?