How to Draw Bishonen

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First draw a circle for the head and the guidelines for the body. You will draw the guideline for the neck as it is angled here.


Draw another circle for the shape of his hair and then add the facial guidelines and a basic outline for the shape of his shoulder.


Follow the guidelines and start drawing the outline for his head and body. You will also draw the basic lines of his outfit. Make the hair nice and fluffy, and give him a slightly pointy chin.


Start drawing his face. Remember, Manga characters always have big eyes and a tiny, thin nose, so we will follow that principle and give him a pair of big eyes. But try not to make it too big and round - that you will make him look too feminine. Try    


Finally, finish the drawing by adding some little details like hair lines, folds on his outfit and the patterns on his tie.


Now you have a charming young man. It wasn’t that hard to draw a classic manga pretty boy after all was it? I hope you all had fun!

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December 31, 2009

Description: Hey guys, today I am going to show you "how to draw Bishonen, step by step" which means “pretty boy” in Japanese and Korean. This is a very popular phenomenon around East Asia. The word first appeared in the comic Hana-yori Dango 《花より男子》in 1992, which means Flower Boys AKA “F4”. This is also the name of a very popular Taiwanese boy band. The comic spawned a “pretty boy” culture in Asia. Hana-yori Dango was first remade into a drama in Taiwan called Meteor Garden in 2001, followed by two different TV series set in Japan and Korea. The term pretty boy” shortly became a craze in East Asia and influenced boy bands and the way boys dress themselves. As an old Chinese saying says “ when both male rabbit and female rabbit runs side by side, you can’t tell apart whose feet is which.” I am going to show you an easy way to draw a classic anime pretty boy. The character we will be drawing today is from the comic Otomen, which means Pink Boys. I took off the flower in his hair to make it more simple and not so feminine. So what are you waiting for? Let us start the fun!

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