How to Draw Beast

How to Draw Beast
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First draw a circle for the head, then draw the guidelines for the legs added with the circle for the feet. Do the same with the arms. His body in this drawing is at a weird angle, so the first step will kind of resemble a spider. Just make sure you    


Draw a very brief outline for his full body, so you will get a rough idea of the proportion. Then draw two horns on the head for his hair.


Start drawing the real outlines for his body. This will include his hair and body hair. You will draw the line to separate his face and hair.


Next you will start draw his face (makes you wonder why he’s so ticked off, right?) To do so, make the two sides of the eyes and eye brows point slightly upwards. Make sure you draw cat-like teeth to give him that beasty look. Then you will draw th   


Last but not least, finish the drawing by addling his hair lines. Draw muscle lines to make him look strong and furious.


If you’ve reached this step, congratulations you have got yourself a handsome drawing of the Beast, wasn’t as hard as it looked right?

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January 1, 2010

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to draw Beast step by step. As many of you who are fans of X-Men know, Beast is probably the hardest character to find that has a good picture to use as an online reference. Now you can follow this tutorial to draw Beast. Being born in a local nuclear power plant gave him the unique look and powers. Who would have thought that a furious looking beast could be a super hero too? Compared to the old X-Men comic from 1963, in which Beast was a more ape-looking figure, this new wolf-like Beast looks to me more like a hero than a evil mutant side kick like Bebop and Rocksteady from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The pose of Beast in this drawing is a pretty hard position to draw. I was pretty discouraged to draw it at first, but after doing it step by step, it’s actually not so bad. It helps to develop a sense of body proportion. I hope this tutorial will give you more confidence to draw three dimensional bodies in action poses. Are you ready to try it out my friends? Well lets pick up our pen and paper and have some fun!

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