How to Draw Big Kirara, InuYasha

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Let's begin by making a small to medium sized circle for the head guide of Kirara. Add the facial guidelines like so as well.


Next, begin the sketching process of drawing out the actual head shape which should first be tackled by drawing the top of the head, then add the ears. You will follow the lining down the sides of the face until fluffed up cheeks are formed.


Starting in the center of the head between the eyes, draw the oblong shaped diamond and color it in. You will then use the facial guides to draw out the big catty eyes, then draw the slits for the pupils. Draw and color in her nose, then make the bot   


You are already almost done with this lesson. All you have to do here is sketch out a bog fluffy collar that starts at the back of her head, and flows down to a puffy pointed tip. Make sure there are fur layers with the outside edge lining like you s   


Draw in the two front legs like so, then add the lining for her chest.


Lastly, draw the shoulder hump, then draw the back line as well as her hind legs and tail. I cut off most of the body because I didn't want you guys spending more time than you need when you draw big Kirara. Erase your mistakes as well as the guideli   


Now that you have finished, here is what Kirara looks like in her big cat form. Now you can color her in and you can even add some flames under her.

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May 16, 2012

Description: Today I thought I would do something that I remember from my days of loving anime/manga. In the series InuYasha there is an animal character that is yellow, has red eyes, and also has black marks on the ears, tails, and center of the forehead. Today I will be showing you "how to draw big Kirara", step by step. What is the difference between the two versions of Kirara? Well, first off Kirara is Sango's pet demon cat. She is a often used as a means of transportation by Sango. Kirara takes on two forms, one if a small feline, or kitten like form, and the other is a larger version of herself but in the big version of Kirara, she has these sabertooth like fangs and she is much more masculine. Another factor that is a plus for Sango and Kagome is when she is big, Kirara has the ability to fly. When she flies she will sometimes bring Kagome home, and she will also carry Sango and Miroku in an attempt to keep up with InuYasha's face pace motion. Well, I guess that is all I really have to say. All I know is when I was in my younger teen years, big Kirara was one of my favorite forms from any of the characters from the series whether they where human or beast. I think you guys will enjoy drawing big Kirara because she was a blast for me to draw as well. Peace out people and have fun with your drawing day!

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