How to Draw Kagome

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Draw a circle for the head and then add the facial guidelines. You will then draw out the body's lines of position which includes the lining for her shoulders, arms, torso and legs.


Now that you have the guidelines drawn out you will start drawing out Kagome's face lower portion only. Next add the eye lines and then the left arm and hand. Next draw out the outline of her skirt and then her legs.


In step three you will start drawing out Kagome's hair and then the rest of her torso which would be her arms and shirt. Finish drawing out more of her leg shape and then draw out her feet. Add a sock line just under her left knee and then move to th   


Now that you are almost done learning how to draw the different body parts to Kagome, you will start this step by finishing off her hair style. Once that is done you will draw out her eye shapes and then detail her ears and then draw out her right ar   


This is your last drawing step and what you will do now is sketch out the sailor like collar and the detailing lines. Finish drawing out her right hand and then add the ruffle lines on her skirt. Detail her eyes and then start erasing all the guideli   


This is what Kagome should look like when you are done drawing her out. All you have to do now is color her in and that is it. You have just learned How to Draw Kagome Higurashi from InuYasha step by step.

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April 26, 2009

Description: Who is ready for another tutorial on another InuYasha character from the exciting anime series? Well, for those of you that love the anime show I will be teaching you how to draw Kagome Higurashi from InuYasha step by step. Kagome is a very important character on the show. She is also one of the main protagonists along with InuYasha. Kagome is a young girl that is the reincarnation of the priestess Kikyo who has been dead for over five hundred years. Which means a five century year old spirit lives within the body of a fifteen year old girl. She realized that her being belonged to someone else on her fifteenth birthday. Kikyo's sister Kaede, notices that the young girl looks a lot like her deceased sister and she then aids her from an attack from a demon. I haven't watched the show in a long while but I do still remember some of the details. In the anime series Kagome didn't like or get along with InuYasha at first, but over time InuYasha developed strong feelings for Kagome which she now has to deal with. I really liked drawing out this character and I know that you guys will have fun learning how to draw this InuYasha character as well. Kagome wears a short green mini skirt with a white shirt that is designed like the top of a sailor uniform. In fact, she looks a lot like one of the character from Sailor Moon. Kagome is very innocent looking but her abilities are very lethal even though they are underdeveloped. This tutorial will show you how to draw Kagome Higurashi from InuYasha step by step. All the steps are easy to follow and the instructions are simple to read and understand. I hope that you guys knock yourself out with this tutorial. I will be back with two more lessons or you all so sty tuned.

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