How to Draw Baby Elsa


We will begin with baby Elsa's head. This is a simple medium sized circle with facial guidelines added in. Draw the shape of her body then move to step two.


For this next step you will begin drawing baby Elsa's face shape along with her ear and some of her hair.


Sketch in her cute baby bangs, along with the lining for her headband.


Use the facial guidelines to draw out the shapes for baby Elsa's eyes. You will also add her thick lashes, and her small eyebrows.


Next, baby Elsa has a cute little nose. Add the small nose and freckles, and then draw in her cute little baby smile.


Draw the eyes which includes the iris' and color in the pupils. Add detailing inside of her ear too.


Draw the head shape for baby Elsa, then finish drawing her headband.


We will start tackling the body starting with the neck, chest and small stubby baby arms and hands.


Up next, draw the back arch, then draw baby Elsa's diaper covered bum. You will then draw some of her thigh.


Finish drawing her legs, draw her small foot, then add a swirl on her knee.


Finally for the last step you will draw the braid, then erase whatever mistakes you made.


This is the line art once you are done. Color baby Elsa in and then you can show folks what you just made.

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March 18, 2014

Description: Yesterday the DVD for Disney's hit movie 'Frozen' came out and to celebrate the love of the characters from the film, I wanted to make this lesson on "how to draw baby Elsa", step by step. I didn't anticipate for this baby version of Elsa to come out so awesome. She looks incredibly cute, and is in a typical baby pose. She is young, learning to crawl and maintains her good looks even as a young baby. If you are fans of Frozen, you will enjoy drawing baby Elsa.

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