How to Draw Avatar Roku, Roku

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Avatar Roku is going to be pretty simple to draw. All you need to do first is make a small circle for the head, and then draw out the shape of the torso like so. Next, add the guidelines for the face, neck, hips, and lower body. The triangular shape    


Begin drawing out the framing of Rohu's face like you see here, and then draw the shape of the neck which fans off to the shoulder part of his wardrobe.


Draw in the hair and long beard like you see here, and then sketch out the eyebrows, eye shapes, nose, and mouth the same way you see it done here. Next draw the sleeves and the rest of his attire until you have a fully formed outfit that all Fireben   


Draw the border of the collar which should display a flame in the middle, and then draw the border on the sleeves too. Next draw the belt that hands a bit low, and then draw the bottom border of the dress like outfit that Roku wears. Once that is all   


Lastly, finish off the tied belt like so, and add some minor detailing to his clothes and hair tie like you see here. Once that is done you can go ahead and erase the lines and shapes you drew in step one to clean up the drawing a bit.


Now that you are all done you should have a nicely drawn image of Avatar Roku. I hope you had fun, be sure to color him in and add Roku to your Avatar drawing collection.

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December 22, 2010

Description: If you could name one character from The Last Airbender series that I don’t have yet but would be cool to learn how to create who would it be? This next tutorial came to my attention because my fifteen year old brother is a big Avatar fan. He was looking through my lessons on all the Avatar characters I have and he noticed that I never did a tutorial on "how to draw Roku", step by step. Avatar Roku is probably one of the more important figures from the series. He is the one that Aang turns to when he is in the spirit world, and he is also responsible for guiding Aang on what to do next as the Avatar. Roku was the Avatar before Aang, and instead of being an airbender, he was a firebender. Avatar Roku was born in the Fire Nation, and like Aang he too had an animal companion like Appa. For Avatar Roku he had a red dragon named Fang, and he too is often seen in the spirit world as well. While Roku served as the Avatar he took mercy on people and I think this is because his intentions where naturally good. When Roku was a child he was best friends with Prince Sozin. Together they became best friends, as well as Firebending masters. Years later Roku had traveled to other tribes to learn and master the three other elements by the time he was sixteen. Now because Roku was told that he was the Avatar, he had to break all his ties with his good friend Sozin but they always remained friends. After about twelve years Sozin had become Fire Lord, and he was set to invade the other nations very much like how Fire Lord Ozai invaded all three other nations. He is actually Iroh and Ozai’s grandfather which explains a lot. Anyways all I can say is that Roku proved to be an awesome Avatar, and with his guidance he led Aang to be great too. I think you will enjoy this tutorial on "how to draw Avatar Roku", step by step. I shall return in a bit because there is only two more lessons for you all to enjoy. Peace out people, and have an awesome drawing day!

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