How to Draw Anime Expressions


In this step, I show you the basics on the common emotion: happy. There are some key points you should direct your focus to in order to create a truly happy emotion. 1. The upper lids are hooped close to the point that it reaches the lower lid. Lovin   


This step will guide you on creating a facial expression that is indeed, heating! 1. The brows should be pointing inwards at a sharp angle to show that it’s in stress. If you want the brows to appear realistic, add round pieces of flesh that tip th   


This is basically an emotion that is used when a character is in distress. 1. Draw the eyebrows pointed upwards towards each other. 2. Tears are typically drawn from the edges of the eye. Sometimes they can be drawn slightly in the middle of the eye.   


There are many styles of expressions you can put your anime character in. Explore and research the different possibilities.


First, start off with the basic guidelines for the shape of the face. You want to build a solid face shape before you move onto anything else.


Then, move onto drawing the face shape and inner details to face. You can start creating your own facial emotion from this point on.


Then, continue drawing the rest of the facial features and the beginnings of drawing the hair. Add a mouth to give this simple happy emotion, life.


Finish up drawing the hair. Depict the motion that the hair is moving in before you start designing your own. Finish off extra facial details as well.


Here's what your line art should resemble. If you went on and drew your own facial expression or character, then ignore this step. Thanks for viewing this tutorial and have fun! I hope it helped!

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September 18, 2010

Description: It seems that there are tons of people on the site right now. Seeing all you peeps on makes me extremely happy! The lesson that was recently uploaded to the website was one of my favorite lessons to be presented today. Anyhow, I want to submit another helpful lesson geared towards most of you anime and manga fans. I don’t know if some of you joined me yesterday for a LIVE drawing lesson on “how to create an anime character”. The lesson was generally all talking, kinda like a teacher you have to sit for hours and hours listening. Some people were saying that it was boring, which actually it sorta was. So anyways, this lesson will show you simply on “how to draw anime expressions”, step by step. The site alone has tons of lessons on how to draw anime, but nothing really that shows you the essentials of creating the expressions for them. This tutorial briefly shows you the simple expressions, and the key points of making them accurate. There are so many expressions you can mood your character in, that it’s pretty much countless! My advice would be to explore and observe other animes and mangas on how they create the emotions for their characters. There’s only so many simple ways to “draw anime emotions”, that it can get pretty easy. I’ve observed other artist’s mistakes and was inspired to create this lesson for everyone. The main character in the image isn’t originated from a present anime or manga. You can simply use the head base to create the emotions from this tutorial. Anyways, I have to go now and submit more lessons. I have like, six of them! Thanks so much for viewing and don’t forget to let me know on how this has helped! Thanks a lot folks, I’ll be submitting more awesome lessons for you all!

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