How to Draw a Realistic Elephant, Draw Real Elephant

Artist: Dawn / September 20, 2010

Step 1.

When drawing a realistic elephant, there are some key points you should direct your focus to. 1. Elephants have long and strong forelegs that have protrusions near the upper foot. 2. Tusks are dug into a large fleshy mound that keeps it in place. Hav   

Step 2.

Here are a few more key informational points that create a realistic elephant. 1. There is overlapping skin that hangs over the eyes. Don't make it too thick, or it will seem ridiculous. 2. The fleshy kin of the trunk should be drawn in a spherical a   

Step 3.

Ok, now that you're informed on a few important tips for drawing a realistic elephant, let's exercise those skills! Start off with the basic frame work for the elephant. I would recommend using a compass for the circle.

Step 4.

Next, begin laying down basic line work for the overall shape of the elephant. It's best to start this way so you won't have anatomical problems later on. Keep in tune with the line that separates the tusk from the eyes. Begin with drawing the ears a   

Step 5.

Then, shape up the tusks, trunk and the jagged ears. Take your time when drawing the ears, it can get a bit frisky from this way on.

Step 6.

Lastly, take your time and etch in little details the make this elephant realistic. Areas that require thick lines should be places where there's a lot of activity and use (trunk, ears, tusks). Don't forget the spout hole for the trunk.

Step 7.

Well, this is what your line art should resemble! Examine your work and see if you've made mistakes. It's OK, take your time and keep practicing! Thanks for viewing this tutorial and good luck!

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Hey folks, just dropping by to submit a tutorial briefly on “how to draw a realistic elephant”, step by step. This tutorial took me a while to complete but it was definitely well worth the effort! I included some tip steps as well! Happy drawing!