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How To Draw an Iron Golem, Minecraft

Artist: NoobSaibot8899 / April 12, 2013
How To Draw an Iron Golem, Minecraft

Step 1.

First, draw out this body shape. Self explanatory.

Step 2.

Next, add the very tiny 3D line on his shoulders, and a little bit bigger 3D effects on his hips.

Step 3.

Now, draw out his eyes, nose, chest, and mark on his head.

Step 4.

Finally, add the vines (that's what I think it is) stomach, and arm lines, this contributes to all of the details for the Iron Golem.

Step 5.

If you did it right or if you want anymore reference, refer to this non-colored drawing of the Golem.

Step 6.

If you plan on coloring it, keep in mind that the sun is on his left, under his head and chest should be darker. The more left it is, the lighter, the more right, the darker.

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Artist: NoobSaibot8899
Date Added: April 12, 2013
Steps: 6
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Tags: how to draw minecraft characters
Description: Hello guys, sorry that I haven't uploaded any tuts in a while, anyways here it is! The Iron Golem in Minecraft is a mob that spawns in villages or can be made by a player, they protect you from hostile mobs.