How to Draw African Wild Dogs

Artist: makangeni / October 6, 2013

Step 1.

First of all draw a circle for the head with guide lines for the eye location, then draw the basic form of the muzzle and a guide line for the nose, draw two large triangles for the ears and two lines for the neck.

Step 2.

Draw eye, forehead, upper part of the muzzle and nose.

Step 3.

Draw the mouth and the chin, then draw the outline of one ear.

Step 4.

Add fur and other details inside the ear, then draw fur on the cheek and add the other ear.

Step 5.

Follow the previously drawn guide lines to draw the neck.

Step 6.

Add pupils (round), details to the fur and whiskers. The head of the African Wild Dog is finished!

Step 7.

In the image you can see AWD's ears in different angles and positions. They are large, round and moveable. Inside them there is a tuft of long fur.

Step 8.

Draw the guide lines of the head, then add the guide lines of neck, shoulders and forelegs, body, thighs and hind legs and finally a line for the tail.

Step 9.

Draw the eyes and the muzzle.

Step 10.

Draw the large ears and the outline of the head.

Step 11.

Add details inside the ears and draw neck and shoulders.

Step 12.

Draw the forelegs and the paws with curved claws on the fingers.

Step 13.

Draw the slender body and one hind leg and paw.

Step 14.

Draw the other hind leg and the long haired tail.

Step 15.

Add some details to the whole figure and your AWD is finished. Now it's ready to be colored.

Step 16.

African Wild Dogs have a beautiful painted-like fur, it's not so simple to reproduce so let's see how to do it in a few steps. First of all add the base color brown/yellow. Then, paint the black areas. Pattern of colors is different on each individu   

Step 17.

Fix the brown areas and add some other brown spots on the black fur. Finally add the white fur. Notice how the white fur never touches the brown, it always has a black outline. Draw spots of various forms and dimensions. Another common feature in the   

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