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how to draw an anime girl in the breeze

Artist: jubbi76 / October 16, 2013
how to draw an anime girl in the breeze

Step 1.

lightly draw a circle with a "long c" connected to the bottom of it. draw the shoulder and arm guidlines. then inside the circle, sketch a curved cross.

Step 2.

sketch out the hair. i sugest to draw lightly so if any mistakes accur you can fix them!;)

Step 3.

in order for it to look decent and not lopsided, draw the body. this way the character will have normal arms( unlike slendy)

Step 4.

now you can sketch in the clothing. dont worry, once you master the body part, soon you wont have to use the technique.

Step 5.

this is is where those guidlines come in handy. make the bottom lashes near that horizontal line. and draw the eyes in bean style. this is when the eyes appear to be slanted inward. draw the rest of the hair and facail features after the eys.

Step 6.

outline and erase! i use a sharpie or pen to outline. but if im on ms paint 7 i just use the curve tool. good luck!

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Artist: jubbi76
Date Added: October 16, 2013
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Description: since i stayed home today i was really bored. i wanted to draw something that kinda represents fall. and i thought. . . wind. so i drew this character. hope you all like. see you through the screen!:)