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how to draw an anime dancer

Artist: jubbi76 / October 17, 2013
how to draw an anime dancer

Step 1.

okay so 1st get a "stick figure" i got this term from one of my drawing books( i cant remember the name right now) there are two types of "stick figures".1: a still figure and2: a movement figure. we are using 2 becuase this character looks like she    

Step 2.

lightly sketch the body. do this to keep the proportions right. we dont want to draw a spaghetti character:) and rmember that this character is to look delicate!

Step 3.

draw the hair and face. i put them in different colors for you to see.

Step 4.

outfit time! i chose a flowing dress because she is a gracefull dancer.

Step 5.

now draw in the extra details. try using a sharp pencil for this part. it will be easier:)

Step 6.

erase your guidlines and clean up your edges. ta-da you are done!

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Artist: jubbi76
Date Added: October 17, 2013
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Description: im so bored. im not at school because of a stupid cold soooo im stuck inside. but when my boredum watches tv, i get ideas. is saw a dance show on tv and decided to draw something similar. hope you like!