How to Draw an Anime Cat

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Ok let's get started! In this basic step we will begin with drawing an ovalish circle for the base of the head. After that draw your facial guidelines. These should help you proportion the face nicely. After you have done that add some slight details   


Now lets begin this step with making the outskirts of the face. I used the same eyes as the anime fox. Drawing the lines for eyes are pretty easy. All it is a upward curve. Move on to drawing the rest of the face and body. This includes sketching out   


Now we have made it this far. Lets begin by fluffing out the chest area. This shouldn't be hard at tall. The guidelines should have helped. Now that you have done that, draw the rest of the features of the face and ears. Finish off the tail and the l   


Ok this is the last step. We are going to add the whiskers and the rest of ear. There is so little to do in this step so it shouldn't be a problem. Finish the rest of this step by drawing the paws and the marking on our pretty kitty's chest. After th   


Well folks, this is what your lineart should look like after you inked and erased all those unwanted lines. This isn't really a step but a guide to show you how your anime cat should look. If you want to you can erase the markings and add your own ^_   

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November 17, 2008

Description: In this next tutorial (which is my forth) you will be learning how to draw another anime animal. I know you all remember when I said that I am going to submit one anime animal a day for two weeks right? Good, than that means you know why I am going to show you how to draw an anime cat step by step. This cat is purrrr-fect. I am not sure if I want to label this anime cat a boy or girl, but I am leaning more toward the boy side because a lot of my characters and animals are girls. Okay fine, I made my decision it is a boy and his name is Shatsi. Shatsi is a black and light tan anime cat with a remarkable smile. I drew him with his eyes shut (like all anime animals look when they are happy) and he has several markings on his body that I thought would look cool. For those of you that are big anime/manga fans, I’m sure you will appreciate this wicked cute drawing lesson on Shatsi the anime cat. If you don’t want to color your cat black that is fine, you can color in your creation anything you want. This is going to be a fun and easy tutorial for you all because I made him super easy to follow and the instructions are simple to understand. When you learn how to draw an anime cat step by step, you will remember why you love anime so much. I will be back in a bit with my last drawing tutorial for the day. Until then keep you r eyes peeled and you mind open to learning new things.

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