How to Draw an Angry Dog, Angry Dog


Let us start with a basic circle for the head of the animal and then add the facial guideline like so.


Begin sketching out the dogs forehead and make sure that there is an impression between the head which will end up looking like two arches. Next, start the process of getting the eyes drawn in and when you do this make sure that the eyes are drawn wi   


Okay, when you tackle this step you have to make sure that you take your time because the open mouth of this angry dog is wide open and he is exposing all his teeth. Of course once the opening of the mouth lining is drawn in, you can start sketching    


Now that you drew out the mouth, you can fill the insides with a bunch of nasty sharp teeth that look like they could rip anything a part. Don't forget to draw in the back teeth on the top row of the dog's mouth.


All you have to do here is draw in the tongue like so, and add some texture detailing for added definition.


You are already almost done with the steps which means the drawing lesson is coming to an end. Now you have to sketch out the rest of the head and this includes the ears, back of the neck, and the chin or lower jaw, as well as some of the dog's neck    


And for the last drawing step, I want you to erase the mistakes and guidelines first, and then draw in the inner ear detailing as well as sketch in the small mounds for the snout, and all the hair on the dog's face and neck.


In the end this is how your drawing should look. Now go ahead and color in the dog to finish it off. I used shades to make this angry dog a German shepherd because that is what I own.

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December 19, 2011

Description: So, I've been researching last night, after the hit success with the angry wolf tutorial. Tonight's tut will be based on yet another canine, but this time it's man's best friend, a German Shepherd. If you'd please, you could possibly change the appearance of the snarling dog into a Pitbull. Draw the ears less fluffed and more angular to have a Pitbull face. Be sure that sketching loosely and light is highly advsised. You get much more accuracy by drawing sketchy and more confidentlly as you draw. Later down the road of success, inking and coloring your drawings would only challenge your skills. A great artist is one who practices and improves themselves. Anyways, I must move onto my other lessons. This one should replenish your temporary needs for more snarling dog heads. Thanks so much for viewing this tutorial, and let me know how you did in the long run! Peace out and have fun!

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