How to Draw Aihara from Black Bullet


Begin like we always do, a head and torso guide followed by the facial guidelines.


Draw out the actual structure of Aihara's face like so, then include the bangs, the hair on the sides of her face, and then the ear.


Finish the head shape by drawing the actual hairstyle and then add a small alfalfa that sticks up from the head.


We will work on her face next by drawing the eyebrows, shapes of her big expressive eyes, then add a dot for the nose and then her open mouth.


Aihara from Black Bullet wears these big barrettes to hold up her large ponytails. When you draw those in be sure to add the detailing to her hair.


Now you can draw in her short spiky ponytails there should be layers and spikes.


Her hair is done. Now you can draw the neck, then her shoulders which have some straps attached. I think it's part of her collar.


Yup, the straps you drew in step seven are part of the sweater or shirt she wears over her blouse. You will now need to draw in the arms and then some of her torso.


For the last drawing step all you need to do is add the crisscross patches on her shirt like so, then add a ruffle for the collar line of the undershirt. Erase whatever mistakes you made followed by the guides.


When all is said and done you have a finished drawing like the one you see here. Now you can have fun coloring in your drawing of Enju Aihara.

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July 6, 2014

Description: So this second character that I will upload is on another Black Bullet figure who is spunky looking and has a lot of sass. Up next you will learn "how to draw Aihara or Enju Aihara", step by step. Aihara lives with RentarĊ and she is known as being a cursed child. If I followed the Black Bullet series I could fill you in with more detailed bio information but as of right now I don't. In fact, I don't follow any anime or manga anymore because I just try and focus on drawing and doing other things on the side. The more I draw the better my skills get and this is the reason why I like filling requests and submitting tutorials. I will be back momentarily with more fun for you all so stay tuned in.

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