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How To Draw A Bulldog, English Bulldog

Artist: MichaelY / July 1, 2013
How To Draw A Bulldog, English Bulldog

Step 1.

With so much excess flesh on their faces, bulldogs can be very expressionistic. They almost always seem to be smiling, and when they lay on the ground their skin flops all over the place. Here's some headshots of what they look like happy, angry, and   

Step 2.

Bulldogs have wide heads and especially wide shoulders. Notice here how far apart the front legs are. The distance appears further exaggerated by their short legs.

Step 3.

Here's a profile example of a modern bulldog skull. They have very short snouts compared to other dogs. Notice how far forward the lower canine teeth are in comparison to the upper canines.

Step 4.

Bulldog puppies are practically the cutest things in the ENTIRE WORLD. They are fat and wrinkly and they have giant heads and paws. They grow into these features as they get older, but not to the same extent as other dogs. Bulldogs always have big he   

Step 5.

To draw a bulldog, let's first lightly sketch some basic construction lines as a guide. Use a 2H or harder pencil so the lines are easy to erase later on. Draw a circle shape for the head and a warped oval shape for the body. The rear of the oval sho   

Step 6.

Let's have the dog with its head turned directly towards us. First draw the eyes. They should be a little higher than the middle of your circle. The eyes are far apart from one another, but make sure that the pupils and iris's are perfectly round and   

Step 7.

Next, draw the nose directly beneath the eyes. The nose should be fairly wide. The nostril holes are thin oval shapes that have small slits protruding from the bottom of them and wrapping around either side of the nose. There is a small vertical slit   

Step 8.

Now draw the large jowls falling down either side of the snout. They should hang well below the nose, aligning with the bottom of the circle guide of the head. The middle of the jowls curve upwards and connect to the slit below the nose, creating an    

Step 9.

The chin should appear fairly small because of all the excessive flesh hanging down around it. But be sure to draw a few rolls of flesh beneath the short neck while you're at it.

Step 10.

Let's draw the contours of the head and the ears. The ears are on the top of the head above the eyes. They fold over so that the tips face us. Draw some creases inside the inner ears.

Step 11.

Add more detail to the head by drawing more wrinkles and folds. The forehead should have several short creases, and there should be a few long, curved folds around the neck area.

Step 12.

Draw the front left leg next. It should be stepping forward and planted firmly on the ground. The top of the paw should align with the nose. The leg is short and fat, but it gets a little thinner near the pay. Be sure to draw small claws on the tips    

Step 13.

Next, draw the shape of the body. There should be numerous vertical folds and wrinkles behind the head of the dog. The flesh should smooth out as it gets closer to the rear, which should be as high up as the head. The underside of the dog should have   

Step 14.

Now draw the left back leg which should also be planted firmly on the ground, but stretched back slightly. The upper half of the leg is significantly thicker than the lower half. Don’t forget to draw claws on the toes.

Step 15.

We can now draw the legs on the right side of the body. The front leg should be off the ground slightly so that we can see some of the pads on the bottom of the paw. Be sure to draw the small dewclaw on the side of the front paw, as well as the small   

Step 16.

Draw the short, curly tail at the top of the rear. Is should just look like a fat U shape that has been smashed together.

Step 17.

Some bulldogs have spots all over their body. Ours is going to have some large spots. The markings should be made with a fine tipped pencil. Flick your pencil along the page to make quick, short lines along the edges of the markings. The markings sho   

Step 18.

We can now ink our image! Use either a brush and ink or Micron markers. Be patient and be careful not to erase any unneeded guide lines. When the ink has dried, erase the pencil marks with a kneaded eraser.

Step 19.

You can add a greater sense of depth to the image by giving it some shadow and blacking out the markings on the front of the snout. Add shadow to the inner ears and to the upper portions of the right legs. Also shade alongside some of the larger crea   

Step 20.

If you need to make corrections, you can use white ink or opaque white paint. And that's how you draw a bulldog! Very nice work!

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Artist: MichaelY
Date Added: July 1, 2013
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Description: Bulldogs are awesome! They are so sweet and loving and just plain funny. Learn how to draw an English Bulldog! Includes tips on anatomy and puppies!