How To Draw A Wicked Cool Monster Spider Tattoo

Artist: Dawn / October 24, 2008

Step 1.

Ok, yeah this is the first step! K, to begin nice and simple make a large circle for the base of the brute's head. Add like five circles for the individual mandibles. At the sides of of those five circles, we're gonna add two bigger circles with a li   

Step 2.

Okie dokie...(yeah that was a lame phrase but whatever.) We are at step two! Are you excited? You should be XP! Well anyways, this is the step when you will start to see your monster spider take form. We will now add the amazingly large eyes! First m   

Step 3.

Yeahh!!!! We are gonna make those awesome spiky parts of the legs! These legs are what trademarks my monster spider! In this really amazingly easy step, add the other lines that go on the sides of the five mandibles. After that you should be able to    

Step 4.

Look what it is peeps! This step is mad easy yo! Just playing, but seriously, this IS an easy step. All we do here is sketch out the rest of the spiky leg that's at the left side of the spider. Don't forget to add extra details to the spider's mandib   

Step 5.

OK...this is the step where we're gonna begin the pain and suffering...where the spider will unleash its incredible and immense powers upon your soul and flesh! Get ready to sketch out the beast that has been hiding in your skin! Ok for real, we will   

Step 6.

Yay! Its the Superbowl! We are now finished with our fiery red monster spider! This is a sweet tattoo to get on your shoulder, back, chest, butt cheek XD, or stomach. I would definitely get it on my back. I'm dead serious too! When I'm eighteen I wil   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 24, 2008
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Description: Hello DragoArt members and visitors! Once again I will give you another wicked tutorial! I know for the past few days I’ve been making really awesome tattoo tutorials. For instance, the Angel I drew was supposed to be a tattoo. Well today, I will be showing you how to draw an awesome and sick tutorial of a fiery monster spider tattoo! As you can see in the image, a fiery red spider is clawing out from skin. I was trying to aim for a more ripping and fleshy feel to the image. I made the spider look mean and bad as possible. Like when you put the tattoo on your skin it would look like a spider is literally hiding in your skin. I got this idea by numerous tattoos of spiders tearing out of your skin. Its wicked sick and rad stuff! You should look it up sometime on the Google search engines! I guarantee you’ll find a lot of cool stuff! Well anyways, this tattoo took me about four hours to color. I used Japanese paper to sketch the lines on. Japanese paper is really awesome to use. It’s like really rough and smooth at the same time. Good stuff. Anyways, you can tell my sketching progression at the last step. Sorry for the sketchy lines and stuff. Luckily, the finished and colored image is clean and clear. It took me an hour and a half to get all those lines out of the picture. I kept the sketchiness to show you all that I literally use circles and lines to draw. Well, the other idea I got to draw such a bad spider monster was from playing Metroid Prime III. It’s an amazing and thrilling game. There’s a monster in Metroid Prime III that’s all green. It’s like half robot and half spider. Heh, the thing I don’t like about that game is that the monsters are getting old. They all look the same. What I do love about the monsters though, is that they’re all insects ^_^! Well I guess that’s all I really have to say. I mean besides the shading and highlighting, there's nothing else to say. Just a little tip though, when you highlight make sure you start off with a very light white and then a hardcore white. This will make a shiny and slimy look. I’ll probably make a tutorial on this later. Well I hope you enjoy this tutorial! Have fun, cheers, and comment!