How to Draw a Werewolf Face

How to Draw a Werewolf Face
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Draw a circle followed by a facial guide.


No matter how complex this step looks, you will tackle it with ease. Draw the top of the head, then draw out the large pointed ears. Sketch out the hairy cheeks which are chunks of the werewolf's face coat flowing in a downward motion. Draw out the l   


Sketch out the inner detailing to the werewolf's ears, then draw the beginning shape of the eyes. Draw the nose as well as the nostrils.


Finish drawing out the eyes like so, then sketch in the fur on the sides of the eyes or along the cheek bones. Sketch out the detailing down the sides of the snout, then draw in the detailing to the forehead. Of course you will do all this after you    


Here is the werewolf face all drawn out. Now you can color it in so it's customized to your liking.

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October 23, 2012

Here is another werewolf that will be added to the books. I honestly don't know what more I can say about drawing werewolves except that there are so many ways you can draw them. You can choose from various styles and concepts when choosing the perfect werewolf to draw, or you can create something right out of your imagination. If you ask me which way I would go, I'd say conjure up my own. Only you know what you like. So you can use these tutorials on as your reference guide to come up with some neat ideas for you're own concept. But then again, if you reference other works, your creating ideas from someone elses ideas right? Anyways, here's to drawing a werewolf face. Enjoy all you can by absorbing all the information. Adios people.

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