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How to draw a Tribal Wolf

Artist: Drawing_Freak / August 24, 2012
How to draw a Tribal Wolf

Step 1.

Okay so our first step is to draw them lovely guide lines so that we can get a better understanding of where everything is going to be possitioned on the drawing. With Tribal art it is very important to understand where everything is going to be onc   

Step 2.

Step two we slowly begin to start drawing out the muzzle of the wolf, and its eye, this wolf has no teeth so we don't have to worry about adding any teeth ho him unless you want to get creative and give him some, but anyways have the mouth open as sh   

Step 3.

Step three we begin to draw out the fur pattern of our wolf from the first circle and ending before the second circle which will determin where his legs are going to be and his paws, make sure to make the lines straight for when we begin outlinging a   

Step 4.

This fourth step requires us to begin the legs of the wolf, start from the lines and then begin with the paws as well, the wolf will only have two claws showing for each paw.

Step 5.

Step four we begin to add some tribal design in the wolf's body to give it that tribal style, as I've said once make sure the lines are straight!

Step 6.

Step six has us at last starting to draw the outlines for the wolf's tail, and then after you have complited the tail, you can go down towards the wolf's legs and begin to work on those. The next few steps are going to show you how to color in your t   

Step 7.

Alright so back to the beginning but this time with the coloring. So from step one we had to draw out the wolf's head, now start to fill it in leaving the eye and nose left out and outline the rest of the head leaving a good enough space for the whit   

Step 8.

And now the next step we begin to start the neck line of our wolf, make sure that the fur pattern is a bit pointy to get that fur effect, it would be kind of boring if it were simply flat and not pointed.

Step 9.

As we draw to a close on my second tutorial, we begin to draw the waist side of the wolf, color in the tear drop that we drew earlier and then begin the tail and the back legs, and that is it, we have a fully complete tribal wolf, I hope you enjoy, p   

Step 10.

And with much hard work we have come to an end to my second tutorial, and this is the results, I know I'm not as good as Dawn but hopefully people will come to learn to accept my style of art work, well i hope you enjoyed and if you have any comments   

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Artist: Drawing_Freak
Date Added: August 24, 2012
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Description: Okay so I taught you how to draw Jack Skelington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, well now is the time to publish my second tut on how to draw one of my favorite animals tribal style! I'm not very good at tribal art so here goes nothing! I hope you enjoy