How to draw like Camilia Rose Garcia

Artist: Drawing_Freak / August 25, 2012

Step 1.

Alright so for this tutorial we are drawing a house on a hill, what you want to start off with is to draw the structure of the house as shown in this first step.

Step 2.

In this step we start to draw out the shingles on top of the ruff, then place out the eyes and mouth of our drawing like so.

Step 3.

Alright so for the sides of our house its going to be kind of inky, because that is how the artist did her drawing of the house, it looks like ink is dripping off the edges of the house so begin to darken thouse out with black.

Step 4.

Continue to fill out the ink droplets like this, then start coloring inside the lips of the house.

Step 5.

I didn't add the little flower things in the background so if you'd like you can just ignore them and continue on with the drawing, alright now that we have the entire outline finished we are done, and that my friends is how you draw like Camilia Ros   

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Artist: Drawing_Freak
Date Added: August 25, 2012
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Description: Outside of Tim Burton there is one other artiest that tops his work and her name is Camilia Rose Garcia, she is in fact the inspiration of this tutorial. If you haven't heard of Camilia Rose Garcia my suggestion to you is to stop what you are doing and look her up on and look at some of her artwork. She has the same genre as the well known Tim Burton and she has illustrated many books such as her own version of Alice In Wonderland and many more. Anyway this is an easy tutorial on how to draw like her.