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How to Draw a Tribal Paw, Tribal Paw Print

Artist: Dawn / September 1, 2012
How to Draw a Tribal Paw, Tribal Paw Print

Step 1.

Start off the first step with a simple circle like so.

Step 2.

Form out the padding of a paw using the circle you just made and color it in solid.

Step 3.

When that is done, you can draw out each toe, then color them all on completely solid. You might want to use the color you intend on making this drawing when coloring in these parts.

Step 4.

Now we will add the tribal design lines and or pattern. *A quick note*; if you colored in your tribal paw black, you will not see the pattern you are drawing in now because it needs to stand out. You can use black if you intend on making the tribal m   

Step 5.

Next and lastly, draw in the claws which should form nicely and evenly on top of each toe of the paw. Clean up the mistakes by erasing them, then move to the last step to see how your tribal paw should look.

Step 6.

Here it is. At the last minute I decided to add some spotting around the arch of the tribal marks on the paw pad. This makes the tribal design more visual. You can tweak your design as you wish for originality if you like.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 1, 2012
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Tags: how to draw paws, how to draw tribal animals
Description: Here is a fun tribal drawing that I think you guys will really like. I love drawing spiritual things especially different things from the Native American culture. I know I made a few paw tutorials before, but I never did a tribal version. Here is my interpretation on "how to draw a tribal paw", step by step. I absolutely love how this drawing came out because it has that spiritual essence with the design and coloring. I really try to open my mind whenever I draw new tribal art because it is an important form of art that supposed to hold meaning. You can really tell the difference between tribal designs that are thought out, and tribal designs that are just thrown together. In the beginning drawing tribal patterns was confusing and difficult, but now I have the knack for it, and I love it wholeheartedly. I think you will enjoy this tutorial because you can either use it as an artistic peace to alter, or you can just draw your tribal paw to use for you're next inking design. As for me, I will be back with some more fun stuff for you guys to do. Adios mi amigos!