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How to draw a tribal heart

Artist: Malka / November 17, 2012
How to draw a tribal heart

Step 1.

To begin, we will lightly sketch out a base for the heart. Notice the heart curves out at the top and curves in towards the bottom. That is important for our tribal so try to work it till you have a satisfactory base.

Step 2.

Here we begin the tribal working from the top right hand portion of the heart. Remember that the sharper your angles, the better the design will look.

Step 3.

Here we will finish up the right side and begin on the top left. You will notice circles in the tribal design, circles make great filler in tribal designs with space left over between curves.

Step 4.

Here we continue working the left side. Remember to keep your curves smooth, having straight lines in place of curves will make your tribal look clunky.

Step 5.

Here we finish up the pencil sketch portion of the tribal. Pretty easy so far right?

Step 6.

Time to go over the pencil sketch with a fine point marker, or black colored pencil to darken up the design. When your finished with that clean up any stray pencil lines with an eraser.

Step 7.

Add color and your all done! Pick your favorite color here, or mix colors, the only limit is your creativity. Hope this was easy and fun to draw :)

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Artist: Malka
Date Added: November 17, 2012
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Description: Here I will show you how to draw a really easy tribal heart I had designed awhile back. There isn't many steps and its pretty simple, just remember, keep your angles sharp and your curves smooth.