How to draw a flash art owl

Artist: Malka / November 15, 2012

Step 1.

Here is our base sketch. To give you a size reference, i have included a 5in line intersecting a 3in line centered in the base sketch. Remember to sketch lightly as we will be drawing over these lines.

Step 2.

Here we shape out the head using alot of sharp angles to suggest ruffled feathers for the head. Notice how i left two small gaps on either side of the head near the top. These gaps provide a place for the eyebrows later.

Step 3.

Here we place the eyebrows that we left gaps for in the last step. Placement of the eyebrows is important because they can be used as points of reference when doing the eyes.

Step 4.

Here we sketch out the eyes. Notice that each eye has a small highlight, small details like this make alot of difference in your work. Also notice the beak has small lines that indicate curve and depth.

Step 5.

Here the first thing I did was sketch in a base line that separates the stomach from the wings. After that i sketched in some small ruffled shoulder feathers. You will notice i also added small ovals at the bottom of the owl, this is where his feet w   

Step 6.

Time for the first layer of wing feathers. These feathers are long with a smooth curve and sharp angles.

Step 7.

Time for the second layer of wing feathers. These are done exactly like the first layer.

Step 8.

Here i lightly sketch in a base for where i want my stomach feathers to be. Its important to sketch light because when we go over our final design with marker or colored pencil, its helpful to use the side of a coin like a penny to give you perfect r   

Step 9.

Time for the feet. I drew small moon shaped crescents on top of each other, gradually getting smaller as you go further from the middle,

Step 10.

Here it is time to darken your outline. When you are fully satisfied with your design, go over your pencil with a fine point marker or black colored pencil. Remember its best to use the coin tip mentioned in the previous step to get perfect rounded f   

Step 11.

Here its time to color. I used 5 different colors to make this design. First pick a color for your eyes, eyes look most realistic when two very similar colors are used, one a little darker than to other to simulate the iris pattern. Then decide which   

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Artist: Malka
Date Added: November 15, 2012
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Description: In this tutorial, I will be showing you step by step own flash art owl! These design are fun to draw because flash art usually has bright flashy colors that you wouldn't see in a regular owl sketch. Get your pencils and paper ready and lets get started!