How to Draw a Toad

1 Guidelines

First, begin with the guidelines and draw them lightly on your paper.

2 Facial Features

Then, work on the upper brow area and then the mouth and eyes. Take your time and draw the outside of the head FIRST.

3 Body Shape

Then, work on the forelegs first and then his back legs/stomach and back. Sketch a couple engorged warts on his back.

4 Warts and Thicker Lines

Then, draw some more warts and thicken some lines around its back.

5 Shroom Stem

Then, work on the shroom stem.

6 Shroom Cap

Then, work on the cap of the shroom.

7 Final Touches

Lastly, lightly draw in finishing details and patterns for the toad and shroom.

8 Final Line Art

Once everything is drawn, this should be your end result. Congrats!

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June 22, 2020

Description: This is one of my favorite lessons I have draw in a while that is based on a toad. I love the way this toad drawing came out and I especially like the color concept I chose to use. You may find this lesson a bit complex if you are newbie to drawing, but if you just keep at it you will definitely be able to draw a toad like the one you see here. If the mushroom is too much for you, then you can leave it out. The great thing about art is you can alter whatever you want. Have fun drawing a toad people.

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