How to Draw a Sunset

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Drawing a sunset is very easy if you follow the steps properly. For step one you will first need to draw a horizontal line for the water end and then another slanted horizontal line for the beach line. Next draw a circle that falls into the ocean and   


You will start this step teaching yourself how to draw palm trees. Start at the bottom of the stump and then work your way up and make sure the shapes are drawn looking like a q-tip. Draw three oddly shaped circles for the coconuts and then some stra   


Here you will start sketching out the actual shape and flow of the palm tree leaves. I wanted my palm trees to look soft and full so you will need to draw them loose and floppy almost. Once that is done you can start sketching in the ocean water line   


Start sketching in more palm tree leaves on the lower part of the left palm tree as seen here. Add some detailing to the leaves and then lightly sketch out some grass lines that is gently blowing in the wind. You will then add some more ocean ripple    


This is your last drawing step. What you will do now is detail the trunks of the palm trees and then add some light shading to define the trees. As you know coconuts are not brown when still in a tree, they are green and have to be cut open to expose   


Once you are done with your sketch it should come out looking like the one you see here. All you need to do is add some fantastic colors and then you have just finished this lesson on how to draw a sunset step by step.

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July 1, 2009

Description: This is just a simple tutorial on "how to draw a sunset" step by step. Sunsets are probably one of the most beautiful visions to see as well as a sunrise. If you were to ask me what I thought was more beautiful I would have to say a sunset. This is because a sunset has all kinds of different colors in the sky when the sun goes away to rest for the night. I love it when the sky has hues of purples, oranges and pinks. I think those colored skies are the best. The sunset that I will be teaching you how to draw is in a beach setting because it is the summer time and I thought that since summer is here, a nice beach scene would be the more proper thing to draw. Anyway, I do have to go yet again because as you know my tutorial submission is not through unless five go up a day. I take pride on filling the requests that people want so that you all can draw your very special or favorite character, animal, object, place, and even scene. I hope you guys have fun learning "how to draw a sunset", I will be back soon. Peace out and happy drawing.

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