How to Draw a Vampire Girl

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The first thing you will do is start sketching out the head of the vampire and then add the facial guidelines.


You will now start this step by drawing out the front part of the hair line for the vampire and then sketch out the left side of her face line the temple, cheek, and jaw. Next use the facial guidelines to begin the lining for her eyes.


You have now reached step three and you will continue to learn "how to draw a vampire head". Sketch out more of the vampires hair style as you see here which is high and wavy on top, and long and flowing on the sides and bottom. Once the lining is do   


Look how nice your vampire will look when you are done with step four. What I want you to do now is draw out the left side of her hair style and then cap off her tips. Then sketch in some full looking eyelashes and nice full pouting lips. Put two hol   


This is your last drawing step and all you have to do is finish sketching out her hair, draw her teeth which includes the vampire fangs, color in the void inside of her mouth and then add blood dripping from her neck. Erase all the guidelines and sha   


Here is what your finial sketch should look like when you are done. Color her in and you have just learned "how to draw a vampire" step by step.

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June 30, 2009

Description: I thought I would do another tutorial on a creature of the night in a more sexy, tattoo style. I must have a few vampire lessons uploaded but I noticed none of them looked sort of generic. There is one on Dracula, another on a bloody looking vampire chic and some others that fall under concept art. I wanted to draw a sketch of a clean looking female vampire that is easy to draw color when finished. So having said everything I just did, I am going to show you “how to draw a vampire girl step by step. Vampires, werewolves, dragons and anime are four of my favorite categories that I love to draw and create in. The vampire is probably one of the easiest to draw out of them all. Drawing a simple vampire head can look complex by the coloring and shading that I include with the lesson. I started the sketch out with a rough draft and then later developed this female blood sucking creature into what she is now. Female vampires are often called “brides” because they either do some of the dirty work for their master, or they help lure in victims for their beloved ruler. Once of my favorite movies that have three cool looking female creatures of the night is “Van Helsing” staring Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale. Even though the flick didn’t get too many good reviews, I found it to be absolutely fabulous. Anyway, I think you will find this tutorial easy to accomplish because it is a very basic lesson on “how to draw a vampire girl” step by step. When you are done with your sketch, the fun will really start because you get to color her in any way you like. I have to go for now but I will be back later. So peace out and have fun!

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