How to Draw a Seashell, Seashells

Artist: Dawn / June 7, 2009

Step 1.

First draw two shapes that are shaped like baseball fields and then add the guidelines in the middle. That is basically all you need to do.

Step 2.

Now you will draw the shells grove lines that makes seashells so nice to touch and color. Learning how to draw seashells is so incredibly easy to do.

Step 3.

This is your last step and all you have to do is draw out the outer lines for the seashell shapes. Erase the guidelines and then you are ready to color your shells that you just learned how to draw.

Step 4.

This is what your shells should look like when you are done. See how easy that was? All you have to do now is decorate them and hang them somewhere nice. I hope you guys had fun learning "how to draw seashells step by step" and "how to draw a seashel   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 7, 2009
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Description: Howdy folks, how is everyone feeling tonight on this fine Sunday? I hope a lot of you took part in drawing day yesterday, I’m guessing that you did and you all probably produced some good stuff. As for me? Well, I always take part in drawing everyday of the week and with each passing day my drawing gets better and better. I wanted to do something just a little bit different today that represents summer and all the fun that everyone is going to have when they are at the beach. For my first lesson I will be showing you β€œhow to draw a seashell”, step by step and β€œhow to draw seashells”, step by step. I was looking through the web today looking to see if there was any good tutorials on shells from the sea. I was shocked to see that there was none, and if there where tutorials I sure didn’t find them. Anyways, seashells are probably the most collected object when walking down a beach or simply just playing in the sand and you uncover a pretty soft shell that has been buried for a long while. I love to walk on the beach and build sand castles. July is almost here and I am sure that I will be at the beach a whole lot when the hot weather comes. Drawing objects of the ocean can sometimes be a very creative way to be colorful and artistic. I am going to show you "how to draw a seashell" using easy to follow steps and simple to read instructions. When you are done teaching yourself the ins and outs to drawing seashells, you can color them like a rainbow or you can leave them looking pearly white, it’s totally your choice. I have to go but as you know I will be back. Have fun and when you draw these shells, think summer.