How to Draw Eyes For Kids

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Let us begin shall we? Start with two lines that are crescent shaped lids. Notice how the inner part of the eyelids are thinner and or pointed a bit.


Here you will finish the shapes of the eyes by drawing the bottom lids. In the inner corners of the eyes, make the detailing lines for the eyeball itself.


For this next step, you will sketch in the crease of the eyes, and then sketch in some nice flowing eyelashes. You can make your lashes as long, short, or dark as you want. Lastly for this step, draw and color in a set of eyebrows.


Lashes should curl upwards with a bit of a dip at the edges. They get longer as they proceed to the middle and taper in size once reached to the end edges. The lower lashes like to cling together, slightly. This is a tip you can use for your future d   


As for eyebrow styles, Here is a few to choose from when drawing the eyebrows. If you want to draw female eyes, stay with a skinny brow. For a male eye, you should choose a thicker or fuller eyebrow.


And here is the last drawing step. All you have to do is draw the iris' and then color in some pupils. Erase your mistakes and you are all done.


Here is what your eyes look like when you are all done. Choose an eye color and place these eyes on your character drawing.

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February 4, 2012

Description: Speaking of eyes; how about a neat lesson for all you folks out there that want to learn the ins and outs to making eyes, but not in an anime style. I have quite a few lessons on eyes, but none of them are really geared towards the novice or beginning artist. That is why I wanted to make a tutorial on "how to draw eyes for kids", step by step. In this submission I take on the ever complexity of making eyes that a kid or novice artist can handle or understand. It’s hard enough not knowing where to start, but when you have to figure out how to align the eyes so they are portioned with each other and how to make them the same size, you bring the complex part of drawing eyes, up to unmanageable. I can remember getting so overwhelmed when it came to creating eyes for the faces I used to draw. It took me a long, long time before I even started to have the eyes aligned with one another before I could even draw the shapes of eyes somewhat neat, and effectively. I know how hard this subject is in the drawing world, and that is why I tried my best to show you all the technique to drawing eyes for kids. I’m sure you will still hit a bump in the road, but at least you can proceed forward over that bump instead of being stuck. I hope you all love this lesson as much as I did making it. Be sure to leave a comment, rating, and even fav this tutorial if it was helpful. Thanks guys and enjoy your drawing day!

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