How to Draw a Scarecrow Face


Draw out the shape of an almond like so, then sketch in the facial guidelines.


For the second step all you have to do is begin drawing out the hat. Start with a cap like shape, then draw the swirly design style lining to create the rim of the hat.


Define the outlining for the face as you begin sketching out the shape. Notice that the lining is wrinkled at the chin. Draw the underside of the hat like so, then proceed to step four.


Begin the sketching process as you create the eyes. The lining under the eyes should be sketched to be creased, crinkled, and folded. Draw the two corners of the mouth like so, then draw in the stitching which runs down the face vertically.


Here you will start detailing the hat by drawing the band around the base, then sketch out the definition at the top, and along the sides of the hat.


Sketch out the mouth, then add detailing by adding some wrinkle lines.


Lastly, draw out the rope that is around the scarecrow's neck. The rope is used to keep the head on which is simply made from a potato sack that is filled with hay. Erase your mistakes like so.


Here is what your scarecrow face looks like hen you are all done. Color it in, then you can show folks what you have drawn.

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October 25, 2012

Description: These next few days will be my last days drawing any more Halloween related stuff, so if you wanted a lesson that falls in the Halloween section but haven't seen it yet, now is the time to make your requests before it's too late. Today I will start the day by uploading "how to draw a scarecrow face", step by step. This scarecrow came out pretty cool. I love the scary expression on the face made by using simple shapes. Of course you can always choose to tweak the concept you see before you now, the choice is yours. Anyways, have fun and remember to keep up the great work. Adios people!

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