How to Draw a Rhino for Kids

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Just draw a large or over sized shape in the form of an almond. This is basically going to be the rhino's head.


You will use the guide you drew in step one and begin sketching out the shape of the rhino's head. The forehead is the longest part on the rhino's face. Draw in a small stubby horn, and then draw in the ears.


Make a great big eye like so, and then draw in an eyeball that is just as big. Make a dash for the nose hole, and move to step four.


For the last step all that needs to be done is the creation of drawing in the body. To make this rhino even cuter, I drew him sitting with his paw raised. Draw in the tail and the fuzzy tuft at the end. Erase any visible guides that you made in step    


Here is what the little guy looks like when you're done. Now you can color it in, and even draw your very own background. Thanks for joining me with another fun animal lesson.

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August 15, 2011

Description: How can I keep up with all the requests that are coming in for more and more tutorials based on animals for kids? Here is another fulfillment and this time you will all be learning "how to draw a rhino for kids", step by step. The rhinoceros is probably one of the only animals left that sort of resembles how some of the dinosaurs must have looked back in the day millions of years ago. I can remember when I was a big fan of this animal, but as I grew older; my animal interests took a different turn. Nowadays I’m into wolves, cats, birds, dragons, and even dogs. This lesson that you will be learning from should be pretty basic. There may be a struggle for some of you that are novice artists but learning "how to draw a rhino for kids" is going to be fun and even creative to do. I have some more lessons coming your way in a bit, so as you wait, try out the ones that I have submitted so far. Adios amigos and peace out!

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