How to Draw a Rainbow Unicorn

How to Draw a Rainbow Unicorn
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Like always you will begin by making the frame guides. This includes the head, neck, body and leg lines.


Next, sketch in the shape of the unicorn's head/face. As you know unicorns are simply horses with wings. Draw in the pointed horn, then proceed to step three.


You can now start drawing the mane, as you can see it's short and not too long. Add the stripes on the horn, then draw and color in the eye. Add the definition to the snout, then color in the nostril.


Draw the pointed ears, then you are done for this step.


Before you tackle drawing the mane, you have to sketch out the long neck which also forms some of the chest. Once the neck is drawn you can add the flowing wavy mane.


Draw the other side of the neck along with more hair from the unicorn's mane.


Draw in the long flat laying wing like so, then add markings on the wing.


Draw in the other wing followed by more feathers that makes up the detailing.


Add more feather detailing to the wings like so, then proceed to step ten.


You will basically draw the body in this step even if there are only two legs. Sketch in the chest, back leg and front leg. Cap off the hooves too.


This unicorn is in a gallop pose with one of the front legs raised.


Lastly draw in your unicorn's tail which is fluffed up and curled. Add the marks on the hooves to form them and then you're done. Erase the guides and mistakes.


This is what your line art should look like when you are finished. Now you can color everything in. Great job folks.

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April 19, 2014

Sometimes I get asked to make lessons on fantasy creatures that are well know with everyone. This is one of those lessons. Here is "<em>how to draw a rainbow unicorn</em>", step by step. There is nothing really different about this unicorn except the colors of the tail and mane. I so like the simplistic style of the unicorn so I'm sure when it's time to replicate the drawing you see before you now there will be little or no problems with tackling this tut. I always save the best for last which is the next lesson coming your way. Have fun with drawing a rainbow unicorn folks and I will upload what people have been asking more of.

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