How to Draw a Peace Plant, Peace Lily


The first thing we will do is draw the pot. This is a very simple shape, more like a bowl then anything else.


Up next, sketch in the moss that fills the top of the plant pot.


Next, draw the etched in design on the pot at the top and bottom, then draw the base stem.


Start drawing in the green foliage that is part of the plant. Start off with four parts of the plant.


Next up, sketch in several more foliage petals like so, and as you can see instead of standing straight up, they fall down a bit as they are clustered.


Proceed on with drawing more foliage. Do this until it is all added.


We can now draw in the lilies. The peace lily only has one flower bloom with a long stamen in the center of the flower. The stems are also very tall as well.


Sketch in detailing to the leaves, then you can start erasing your mistakes.


That's it you are all done. Now you can add some bright vivid color to your newly drawn Peace Plant.

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February 28, 2014

Description: Here is another lesson on a plant that folks will be seeing a lot of come Easter time. Here is "how to draw a peace plant", step by step. These plants are also known as peace flowers, and peace lilies. Since I really love these plants, I wanted to make a tutorial on the entire foliage as a whole. As you can see I've included not only the plant and the flowers, but also the moss and the pot that it sits in. The only complicated part to this tut is drawing all the foliage. Other than that you should have a pretty simple time completing this lesson. I will return with more drawing fun so stick around.

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