Hand Shaped Tree Drawing Lesson


We will start with some simple line work. This is for the tree trunk and branches.


We will now begin drawing the finger like branches that thin out in a claw like point at the tip or ends.


For the next step all you have to do is draw the smaller branches which are twisted into the larger ones.


We will draw in more of the finger like branches which are darkened, thick and gnarly.


Finish the structure of the tree by drawing the last limb and trunk.


Up next, draw the grassy ground and then the swirls in the trunk and dimple in center.


Lastly, erase the guides and mistakes then color in the whole image black.


This is the line art when you are done. Do what you like with a background. I hope you had fun.

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May 23, 2016

Description: Here is a lesson that is pretty cool or the concept is at least. Yesterday I was driving down this dark, lonely road and right ahead of me I saw a gnarly, petrified tree that resembled a human hand. When I saw it I was like "that would make such a cool tut". Anyways that is what I wanted to show you guys how to draw a hand shaped tree, step by step. I didn't add any leaves, but I did add a series of small branches so it doesn't look totally like a hand. Anyways, I do hope you like this tut. I know it's simple, but some people will find a use for it. Adios amigos.

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