How to Draw a Mustang, Horse

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Begin with an oval and a boxy shape for the snout. Add your line of position as well.


Add two circles. This will take place for the forelegs and the backlegs. Add a small circle where the head is for the eyes.


Add a neck to your horse. Sketch out the base of the foreleg. Add a stomach to it too! Make sure you make your lines balanced with its position.


Start shaping up those forelegs and backlegs. Add some extra detail to that backleg. Make it muscular to give your horse some toughness. Design the face more detailed and draw the ear.


Fix up those hoofs to those legs. Add some muscle around these areas too. A mustang horse's anatomy is built and toned nicely. Don't make your mustang all flabby with no sense of realism. Remember, realism is key if you want visitors glued to your ar   


Roughly draw lumps of hair for your mane. We must have a mane!! Don't forget the horse's tail hair.


Start roughly, building the mane. Make this wavy to match its running position. You can't have straight hair while the wind is blowing at it! It'll look extremely awkward! Almost done, hang in there!


Wowie wee wahh! Your done witht he mustang horse. How easy was that?! Staple your eyes upon your work of art and be proud of it. You can color your image any 'horsie' color you want! Have fun and be very creative. I can't wait to see yours!

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December 19, 2007

Description: Whoa, okay guys so today we will be learning "how to draw a mustang", step by step. This is a black mustang horse, and can be spotted in Nevada, Montana, and Oregon. The free roaming horse population used to be two million in the 1900s. But now it drastically changed to 25,000 wild horses in the states above. A few hundred of wild horses are spotted in British Columbia and Alberta. The horses have been slaughtered for meat (pet food too!), skins, used and sold. Groups and organizations try to protect these wild horses. They are one of the boldest, most beautiful, and well recognized horses in existence even today. I really did have an awesome time drawing a mustang that will be liked by many of you horse lovers out there. There is some good literature on the mustang that you might enjoy reading. All you have to do is click on the highlighted word. Well enjoy this tutorial on "how to draw a mustang, and be sure to join me once again for more drawing fun. Adios mi amigos, and enjoy your artistic nay.

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