How to Draw a Fire Horse


OK, start out this drawing with the basic guidline. Draw a circle for the head and another one for the nose. connect it with a line. Then draw a bunch more circles for the body and joints of the horse. Connect the lines with lines. Add a curvy line a   


Now sketch out the back of the horse's neck. Draw out the ears and eye. Begin to outline the right front and back leg.


Sketch out the front mane. Draw a circle in the eye as a sparkle. Finish the back leg and draw out the tail. Outline the back and the belly.


Finish the mane. Sketch out the nose and the mouth. Draw the cheek. Finish out the front leg and draw the other back leg. Color in the eye.


Draw a bunch of lines to make the mane and tail more hairy. Draw the chest and muscle lines. Draw the other front leg.


Now heres the fun part, now you're gonna show the fire marks. Draw flame marks as shown. Draw a little curve on the forehead to show a little bit of the flame mark there. Erase what's shown in gray.


After you erase, your drawing should look something like this. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. All you need to do is color it in. Till next time, peace.

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March 28, 2009

Description: Hey, it's me again. Today I'm going to show you how to draw a fire horse. Fire horses live near volcanoes and they are awesome. I named this one Flame. Their mane and tails are made of fire. There are fire markings on the legs. You know how the blue part of a fire is the hottest? Well, I decided to make the hooves blue. Coloring in the flames on the legs took a long time so I ended up using the gradient tool to speed it up. I'll be back soon, peeps, so keep your pencils and paper out, cuz I'm gonna teach you how to draw Pichu from Pokemon next. Till then, peace.

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