How to Draw Pegasus

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In this step you will start by drawing the guidelines and circle shapes of Pegasus. Lets start by drawing the circles. Starting at what's going top be the head draw a round circle for the top portion of the horses head. Then draw a smaller circle for   


Here in step 2, you will start to detail Pegasus by drawing out the actual body shape of the horse. As you can see the legs and body have a nice lined out shape, just like what a horse should look like. Follow the lining above to create your own body   


As you can see at this point Pegasus looks like a beautiful flying horse. This step will take a bit longer to complete because you have to detail the feathers, tail, and mane by shading, sketching, and drawing out the definition. Learning how to draw   


And this is what your finished Pegasus should look like when you are completely done. Of course you have to erase all the guidelines and circle shapes before you move to the next step of coloring him in to your liking. Or if you like you can do like    

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March 4, 2008

Description: Pegasus is the big, bold stallion that we’ve all come to recognize from Greek Mythology. This beautiful horse has the wings of an angel and the personality of a God. It is said that Pegasus was fathered by Poseidon and of all beings Medusa. As the myth goes, when Medusa was slain by Perseus by beheading, the gallant horse Pegasus sprung out from her pregnant body. It is also said that when Pegasus came out galloping his noise created the fountain on Mount Helicon called Hippocrene. This horse was also the creature that was captured by Bellerophon; he was aided by Athena when she gave him a golden bridal. This was the same horse that helped the hero take down the Chimera while riding on Pegasus’s back, and after they accomplished that task, Bellerophon attempted to ride the winged beast once more but was thrown off from his back and flew to the heavens and became the famous star constellation that you often hear about or see in books. But then again there is another version as well, since Pegasus was not an immortal being, Zeus wanted to honor his faithful and loyal steed with a constellation. It is said that when Zeus transformed Pegasus into a constellation, one single feather floated down to earth and landed somewhere near the city of Tarsus. This beautiful winged horse has been apart of my life since I was a kid up until now. I love horses, and because I love horses the myth of Pegasus is very interesting to me. As we know it, since the birth of Pegasus there has been a ton of movies that have this animal from Greek mythology as a main character in films like Clash of the Titans, and Heavy Metal. This tutorial will show you an easy way to draw Pegasus in 4 simple steps. The instructions are detailed and they also help make the whole drawing process simple for anybody to do. I hope you like this tutorial; I think my version of Pegasus came out simply beautiful.

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