How to Draw Spirit


Okay, first start with your basic outline which is a bunch of circles and lines and curves.


Next, light sketch in his eye and ears.


Then, sketch in the top of his with a long, curved line. Make another curved line for his back. Add his eyebrow and eyelash on the side of his head. Draw in the front part of his hair.


Okay, now sketch in a small oval for his nostril. Draw a curved line to show his long nose. Sketch in his teeth, chin, and mouth.


Lightly sketch in his long, flowing mane. The mane doesn't exactly have to look the same, but maybe something different. Every time I draw this, the mane always looks different. Erase all the lines in step one.


After you erase a bit and do a little editing, your drawing should look something like this. All you have to color it in with pencil, paint, whatever you want. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. You probably won't hear from me in a long time, so, so l   

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February 28, 2009

Description: Hey peoples! It's me, animorpher, again. I haven't been on for a long time, so since I'm back, I'm gonna show you how to draw Spirit today. Spirit is a popular Dreamworks movie about a dun horse who grows up to be leader of the herd. I totally haven't seen that movie in ages, so I sorta forgot what it was about. I know it was awesome though. If ya didn't see it, you should. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the tutorial. I did it in MS Paint and GIMP.

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