How to Draw a Mustache for Kids

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Go ahead and draw two simple circles for the eyes, color them in and leave glare spaces at the tops and then a slash at the base.


You will then draw the thin line for the brows too.


Next, make a small simple nose where the mustache will get attached to.


Lastly, draw the simple mustache and then a lip between the space.


When you are done the drawing should come out looking like the one you see here. Now just color in the art and you have yourself a simple mustache.

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April 1, 2019

Description: Hello once again my fellow artist of all levels. Today I have for you an adorable lesson that will show you how to draw a mustache for kids, step by step. I also include the addition of a simple face to go with the combed looking mustache, just to dress up the drawing a bit so it's not just a picture of a black mustache. I know kids will enjoy this lesson because so many kids have asked me in the past to make a lesson on drawing an easy mustache and it all started with the very first Spongebob Movie came out. You know....the part where Patrick and Spongebob get mustaches and feel like they are older and cool. That was one of my favorite scenes of the whole movie, but just ONE of my favorite and there were many. Anyways, I do hope you enjoy this lesson that will show you how to draw a mustache for kids or the easy way. I will return with some other tuts so come back around, but don't stray too far.

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