How to Draw a Monkey

How to Draw a Monkey
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First draw a circle for the head and then add the face lines. You will then draw the shape of a mushroom stem for the shape of the body. Add the arm lines too.


Now sketch out a square head shape with soft rounded corners. Once you have completed this feat, you can add some fuzz at the top of the monkey's head.


Draw the arched shape of the snout including a slight bump for the nose, draw the eyes, and then draw the large looking ears. Once you do that, begin drawing out the club like arms and hands of these beasts,


draw eyeballs and color them in. Next add nostril holes, a mouth and chin, and then draw detailing inside of the ears. Next and lastly, sketch out the back legs, and then the hand like feet. Draw hair lines for the wrists, and ankles, and then start    


Here is your cute monkey once you are all done. You can color him in any shade you wish. I hope you had fun learning to draw a monkey step by step.

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April 19, 2010

Oh my gosh, this is going to be my last lesson that I will be uploading today. I am really beat, and I thinks it's time to call it a night. Sometimes I wish I could just sleep in a tree house so I can look up at the stars and feel like I'm high up in the air. That is one thing I envy about animals, especially monkeys. The monkey has the ability to climb high up in a tree, and sit or sleep there if the creature wanted too. Monkeys can go as high as a tree grows, which means if this animal knew any better, they would be able to feel like they can touch the sky. This tutorial is going to show you "how to draw a monkey", step by step. This drawing came out awesome, and I have done a lot of primates in my time. One of my favorite monkeys I drew has to be the cartoon version. That is one cool looking ape if I ever seen one before. Anyway, I was going to label this lesson "how to draw a cute monkey" because of how adorable he looks. The face, hands, and dogie looking facial expression, really sweeps me off my feet. Drawing animals has been a favorite of mine since I was twelve. I used to create concept animals or creatures that where a combination of two separate species of animal. All I have to say is that my drawing skills have come a long way. I can't believe how much of a better artist I am. I hope you like my interpretation on "how to draw a monkey". I think the pink background compliments the brown colored hair. I will meet you guys back here tomorrow for more drawing fun so stay tuned in!

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