How to Draw A Minecraft Bat, Minecraft

Artist: NoobSaibot8899 / May 20, 2013

Step 1.

First, make it's head by drawing out this angled square. Make sure you draw the square on an angle or it will look silly.

Step 2.

Now draw out the head's top and side. Try to make it as equal as possible.

Step 3.

For the body, it is a rectangular prism. Its kind of like the head, but larger, wider, and longer. Make sure you add a little bit of space so the head looks pivoted.

Step 4.

Draw out the Bat's wings, try to make them look flappy and curved. Its worth noting that it is not 3D.

Step 5.

Just like the wings, draw out the Bat's back part that look like wings, the bat doesn't have any feet.

Step 6.

On to the ears, the ears are isosceles triangles. Then give it another set of isosceles triangles inside of them.

Step 7.

Draw out the Bat's eyes and mouth. The mouth and eyes are rectangles, but to draw the pupils on the eyes, divide them in half and fill the inner side in.

Step 8.

To give the bat good detail, add the arm beneath the skin and add the very thin lines connecting from the arm to the bottom of the wing. *If you cant see the lines, look a little closer*

Step 9.

Finally, Draw out the small details on the bat. The details can be small squiggles to give a better look the fur on it's body. You don't have to exactly copy this, just don't have too much or too little.

Step 10.

There you have it, you have complete this Minecraft tutorial!

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Artist: NoobSaibot8899
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Description: It's a bird! It's a plane! No, It's a Minecraft Bat! Today, I will be showing you how to draw a Minecraft Bat, They were added as passive mobs on the Halloween update of 2012. This tut is pretty easy for those who are new to art and for everybody in general.