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How to Draw a Kitten

Artist: MarchPrincess311 / April 10, 2013
How to Draw a Kitten

Step 1.

Here are the guidelines. You don't need them, but starters- hope this helps. Let me go over something- grey= guidelines, green= drawing in this step, blue= already drew in previous step.

Step 2.

Try to draw this out.. If you think you are going to or having trouble, you can extend the oval to a circle and put triangles for ears, then go from there.

Step 3.

Draw these eyes out. Simply just draw a circular square, then fill it in and erase the circles shown.

Step 4.

Now, just erase the guidelines we made in step one. Then, color in your kitty or jus leave her white. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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Artist: MarchPrincess311
Date Added: April 10, 2013
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Tags: draw kittens, how to draw kittens
Description: This little kitty could brighten your day- if you don't use a drawing pad where the control is your finger( that's how I did it ). I'm nine, and this is my first tutorial. Good luck!